Cats: 9 fascinating facts

Cats: 9 fascinating facts

Cats have been known as one of the most far-famed types of pets. How they were able to enslave such intelligent animals as human? It is a mystery, because they are only sleeping, playing and begging for a meal. Potentially the love of people to cats is something like a specific cat magic that makes us to serve these fluffy clumps those do not wish to lift from the couch even to do something. Cat lovers should definitely read this compilation as closely as possible.

1. Cat drinks neater than dogs

Rather than simply draw water with tongue as dog does, a cat when lapping milk or something liquid touches with rough tongue tip to the surface and pulls it into the mouth with this liquid column, closing jaws to prevent pouring back of the liquid.

2. Cats-centenarians

how long can cats live

If you are thinking about how long can cats live? Here is the following fact. 27-year-old Tiffany Second, a resident of California is the most venerable of the living cats. In 1988, the hostess bought her at a pet store for $ 10. And the cat from Texas named Puff is a survivor-record holder in the Book of Records, and he lived for 38 years and 3 days.

3. Contemporary cats suffer from obesity frequently

Recent times, the question of exuberant weight is increasingly applies not only to people but also their fuzzy friends. In accordance with the Association of Research for preventing obesity in companion animals, about 54% of the cats in varying degrees are overweight. This means that approximately 324 million cats among domestic cats all over the world are the “fatty”.

4. Cats are not savvier than dogs…

Contrary to the widely popular belief, mental faculties of cats are usually not higher than of dogs. According to information published in 2010 during past 60 million of years the brain of dogs obviously enlarged in its size, but nothing of the kind is observed in cats.

Taking into account that dogs participate in the operations, such as on rescue of people from the salvage, or say, by the smell can find in the luggage of the attacker different explosives or some drugs, and the member of the cat`s family cannot do all this (or just do not want, which is more likely), it is no wonder that the mind of dogs is considered to be more outstanding than of cats.

5. …but still cats are intelligent in their own

Maybe the dog is much more active with human, you cannot exactly say that cats can only eat or sleep, and cause you to change filler in cat litter. Our cats, like their relatives, living in the wild world, have all the necessary skills, for example, to outwit extraction or deceive the enemy.

6. Cat`s cleanliness and shyness

tidy cats lightweight

Toilet of your cat should to stand in a secluded place, as the cat can be very ashamed of you. And Tidy Cats Lightweight or any other litter should stand away from the bowl with the meals, because cats do not like to besmirch near the place of eating.

7. Cats live by ten minutes

Cats can keep in mind some obstacles, only about ten minutes – such derivation was made by specialists on the base of the results of the study that was conducted in 2007.
In such the experiment, scholars created artificial barriers and fluffy objects had to surmount them. It revealed that if you stop the cat after crossing the barrier with the forepaws and not let her continue path for ten minutes, the pet forgets that she must to cross the obstacle with hind paws too, notwithstanding if you stop the cat for a short time, the hurdle will be “taken” almost instantly.

Cat`s visual memory is shorter the muscle`s one – if you distract your four-footed friend from the obstruction before it begins to surmount it, the cat loses sight of unsolved issue after some seconds.

8. Cats control us

why does my cat stare at me

Such fact is confirmed by all the owners of cats – they are not just purr and meow, but in such a way they want to establish relations with their host. During the evolution and living alongside with people these cunning creatures matured a special tone that the person perceives as the unbearably shrilling and unpleasant. Definitely, most often cats use this way of training of people, when want to get somewhat edible and commonly reach the desired goal. Also many people ask the question: “why does my cat stare at me?” So in such way the cat also begging for food, or he studies your mood.

9. Today, there is a “cat’s population explosion”

Due to the increase of average annual temperature the duration of the warm period also increases, which mechanically extends the breeding season of the cats, which means that over time, the kittens will be born in greater numbers. Unfortunately, many of them are at risk of being homeless ones, as a sharp magnification in the number of those who wish to have a cat is not noticed.

If you already are the owner of the cat and you cannot afford to take a couple more of kittens, but the idea that you have to drown or put in cat’s shelter these charming furry babies, is unbearable for you, it remains only to sterilize animal and the problem with overcrowding, for you personally leastways, will be solved.

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