How to choose the dog house?

the dog house

This is good if you want to have a dog. But before you buy it, it is worth thinking about its home. Regardless of the breed and size, any animal needs its personal space, the place that would become a den and a bed for it. The modern market is able to provide a choice of many different options. Houses for dogs have different price and quality. Some of them are designed for flats; others are convenient for trips, exhibitions or villas.

What’s popular and why

Nowadays, people are more and more often tend to acquire soft houses for dogs. Their colors can easily capture the imagination. Assessing the benefits, understand the real relevance of this model:
– house walls consist of two layers;
– inside it chipped spongy material;
– often it has velor in its composition.

The dog house is easily erased, including using a washing machine. House-bag is no less interesting. Pet can quietly live in it and, if there is necessity of transporting you do not have to buy additional accessories. What is particularly nice: waterproof fabric used in its manufacture. Some dog houses have folding sidewalls, which provide excellent ventilation. Special locks make the model sustainable, and the presence of additional compartments allows lying down all the most necessary things for the pet in one place.

House-tent is very popular. It in certain circles is called a soft cage. It is expensive, but it is simply irreplaceable in the country, the exhibition or in the case of outdoor recreation. There are several types of such tents which differ only by assembly methods. The most common of them are:
– characterized by sparse compactness; in order to fold such tent, it is enough to remove it from the case, deploy and fasten zippers;
– the tent which look like the cage; it has dismountable frame and assembly procedure of such tent is as in previous one, but it has only the plastic elements.

These houses are particularly suitable. Often they are made of durable materials that are water-repellent. It is reliable protection from rain and drafts. Weight of similar structures varies, but not exceeds 4 kg.
Cage? Do not tell it no immediately.

You cannot understand why your friends locked dog in an iron cage?
You consider such action inhuman?

In fact, it’s not as scary as it seems at first glance. The iron cage is perfect accommodation for hyperactive dogs. For example, growing puppies in such conditions is very common. This house will not only be comfortable for the animals, if you teach them correctly:
– feed the dog only in a cage;
– to offer to play with a favorite ball there;
– to close dog there for short periods of time (about 5 minutes) in your presence, it will protect your apartment from dog massacres and save the furniture, after a couple of weeks, the dog will get used and when the dog tired and want to sleep he will be happy to return to his house.

dog tired

We will build a house ourselves
So, we understand that your pet deserves more than just a place on the mat. Why not build a house for a dog with your hands? Yes, it will take not 5 minutes, but imagine how much joy you will give to this sweet creature. In order to make a house for a small dog it will be enough to take fabric and foam. Convenient laundry will benefit of this house. You can make it as a sneaker and get a universal hut, which has a roof, and a couch.

For sneaker-house you will need:
– first you need to measure all the parameters of your pet;
– Further take the reps (for the internal parts of the house), tapestry (external), foam rubber and clothesline, make patterns, sew, eventually get comfortable and beautiful house.
You can create a home for the dog with your hands from the boards.

This construction requires considerable skill, especially if the animal will have to live outdoors. The sequence of actions should be as follows:
– Imagine hut, consider its design features;
– determine a dry place for the lodge.
– Creating hut, remember that your dog will be there not only in summer but also in winter.

For reliable protection against the cold:
– kennel should be insulated (insulation hammered between two walls);
– gaps – sealed to prevent drafts;
– floor – comfortable, warm bedding will not be superfluous.
– canvas at the entrance in the summer will protect hut from the rain.
– it is recommended to cover the roof with slate.

The aviary

Private house, fresh air, natureā€¦ Having built home aviary for a dog, you will make her an invaluable service. Availability of own site will allow your pet to get all the joy of life, bask in the sun in the summer or dive among the snowdrifts in the winter.

If the dog has grown in such an environment, she has a chance to live a long life. Home aviary for the dogs – is the place where she will feel comfortable

The aviary is constructed as follows:
– Paddock must be easily cleaned and disinfected, but still be comfortable for the dog. the aviary with the following conditions will be suitable for dogs:
– With a wooden shield, raised above the ground on 10 cm; a place of rest for the dog;
– With lawn grass, fine gravel is also suitable;
– With a canopy, as it is an ideal protection in rainy and sunny weather;
– With a large warmed hut.

corkie dog

As you can see, corkie dog or any other breed of dog needs his own house. But whatever house you have chosen for your dog, do not forget that the pet needs to communicate. Even life in the aviary should not exclude a daily walks and plays. Attention is very important for the dog.

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