Dog wash and other caring procedures for long-haired breeds of dogs

dog wash
Four legs, a dedicated look and wet nose-button… How can you ignore such a creature? It turns out that our four-legged friends constantly go hand in hand with us. Many people like cats, because they are so soft and fluffy. But there are those who prefer dogs. You must agree, they are big, faithful and very loyal and may even stricter house and property. Of course, now the dogs are far removed from their ancestors, now many miniature breeds exist. Generally, in the world there are about four hundred breeds of dogs.

Dogs with long hair make up about a third of them. You must agree it is always nice to look at the dog with a beautiful, velvet fur. Although it is likely a matter of taste. So let’s move on to how to care for a dog with long hair. It is not only very beautiful, but also requires some efforts.

“Why do the dogs have wool?” you may ask. Generally wool is needed for protection against the cold, and yet we also very like it.  In general, we cannot write a short guide for the care of the hair, because each breed is unique, every dog is unique, but awe can give you some tips in order to make the wool of your dog to glisten in the sun and be healthy.

Nutrition is probably first in importance for any breed of dog. The dog should be fed well, sometimes even better than its owner. Do not save on feedings, firstly, the dog will not get the necessary nutrients, and secondly, its fur will not be so pretty. There are many diets, balanced food for your pets. The main thing to remember is that for the each breed must be a special approach, as well as for each dog.
dog walking rates
If the dog is active, then one feed composition will fit better than others. Also in the case with a selection of food is not necessary to be maintained by advertising, the ideal option would be if you are cooking food your pets on your own. If you cannot afford personally cooking, or you’re just too busy, you can resort to the dry ready feeds. However, if you still want to move to dry food, it is useful to ask around other dog owners of the same breed.

It is worth to buy special food for dogs of premium class, for example, it can be Simply Right dog food. The only thing that can scare you is the price of these foods. If you cannot afford such feeding, you can find something cheaper, but in this case the hair of your pet may be less attractive. Females, hatching and nursing puppies have special requirements for feeds. During pregnancy hair loss is not uncommon, and the remaining hair gets very unattractive appearance. All this can be corrected by physical exercises, proper selection of feed. Also, the entire line of special preparations against hair loss and nutritional supplements are available on the market today.

Walking the dog is also very important aspect. All physical activities and even in the open air have very good impact on health and the physical form of a dog. Walks also allow your dog mess in the snow or take a dip in the pond. Do not interrupt a dog from such activities, because this way your dog to take care of his hair. In addition, the hardening is very important for dogs, as well as the absence of disease because each blow to the health of your pet immediately affect its wool. Also it is not recommended to dress these dogs in any clothes, because it has very detrimental effect on the appearance, and the condition of the dog’s wool cover in general. But if you don’t have enough time to walk with your pet you can overview different dog walking rates on the internet.
simply right dog food
Combing of dogs is a very important stage in the struggle for a beautiful well-groomed hair. Depending on the breed of dog you will have to carry out this procedure each day, as well as only a few times a week or even a month. In general, in addition to brushing the bathing of the dog is also important aspect. Veterinarians recommend dog wash every 4 – 6 weeks. But there are exceptions sometimes. For example, when, after a tumultuous game in the mud or in rainy weather your pet is fairly smeared, or become like a lump of mud. It has nothing to be done, you need to wash him. It is necessary to bathe your dog in special baths or in a conventional bath or tub. Usually dog is poured with warm running water out of the shower or from a jug.

First, you need to lather your dog with a special shampoo or conventional liquid soap and rinse thoroughly with water. Particular attention should be paid when bathing to the head, the ears are needed to be plugged with special cotton swab and you must ensure that water does not hit in the nose and eyes. After bathing the dog is combed.

Grooming is a special item in the list of care for long-haired dogs. Even in temperate climates, they need regular hairdressing services. Generally correct dog grooming is the whole art. Also, some breeds of dogs require a procedure called trimming. Also, each breed has strict standards for the appearance; this also applies to hairstyles in particular. It is worth noting that you can cut your pet at home, you will need special scissors and other tools for this. Trimming is the process when dead dog’s coat is plucked using a special device. Such care is especially important for of dogs with hard hair. This procedure is carried out using a serrated knife-like object. In fact his procedure is very time-consuming, requires strength, skill and qualifications.


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