What maximum speed dogs can develop or the fastest dogs on the Earth.

Man always wants to have all the best in the world. It has its own parameters by which it selects the best options for them for every phenomenon in the life. And decorative pets are primarily selected on the basis of appearance, size, compactness and ease of care.

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When choosing a home guard, the man prefers larger animals, which can discourage strangers to enter the protected area with one their look. In addition watchdog should differ with calm and balanced temperament, physical strength and, of course, respond well to the command of the owner. If the animal is intended for the protection or supporting the house or other areas, the specific requirements are imposed to breeds.

There are dog companions, nannies, seeing eyes, hunters and others. Some representatives of canids are appreciated for strength, others for their dedication and stamina. But there are also breeds, the main advantages of what is the speed. If earlier it was difficult to determine what dogs are the fastest in the world, with the help of the Guinness World Records it is very easy to make it. After all, here you can find information about the most powerful and the highest or larger and, of course, about the most speed dogs of the world.

In 1994, a record speed of the dog has been set and it belongs to the English Greyhound named Star Title. Officially registered animal speed was 67.32 km per hour. Until now, any representative of canids was not able to improve the outcome and set a new record. But in addition to greyhound there are other equally rapid kinds of dogs it can be pennswoods dogs or other dogs.

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A little bit about the leader

Greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Dog photography can be seen on the network. But our ancestors (in the VI BC) portrayed their pest even on housewares items. Despite the fact that greyhounds are distinguished by large size, it does not prevent them from being elegant and graceful. Smooth hair, slim constitution, narrow head, long neck, long and muscular legs, deep chest – all this is about the English greyhounds, and it is these qualities that make them ideal helpers in the hunt.

At the same time, strangely enough, but in contrast to their other relatives the Greyhound can be called a sloth, so that it copes with the role of companion and dog-friend. Another quality that adds popularity to this breed is a steady psyche and good health. So with good care representatives of this species live up to 15 years and retain all its qualities, including speed. By the way thanks to their high-speed mode representative of this breed applies to hunting, and sporting breeds.

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With regard to the origin, today there are several versions of the appearance of the English greyhound:

  • according to the first version the Asian greyhound (Sloughi) is the ancestor of the English greyhound;
  • according to the second version the Celtic dog that was imported into the territory of Albion somewhere in the year 500 BC is the ancestor of Greyhound.

The fact that English greyhound is a status breed shows a historical fact – only members of the nobility, and only the very rich ones had the right to have representatives of this species.

Other record breakers

If we talk about other breeds, which can be attributed to the fastest ones, the top 10 will look like this:

  • Invincible greyhounds are in the first place;
  • Persian greyhound or Salukis (which, incidentally, is considered one of the ancestors of the leader) is in second place. In ancient Egypt, images of these dogs graced even in buildings. Salukis can run at a speed of about 70 km. per hour, in contrast to the English of greyhounds, they can run for several hours without interruption;
  • Dog breeds azawakh is third in the top 10. Representatives of this type run at a speed greater than 60 km per hour. Hunting with dogs has its own characteristics. So Tauregs gallop on horseback, along with their dog-assistants and released them as soon as the animal appears on the horizon. Azawakh is able to catch up even very fast wild animal, then gnaws tendons of victim and waiting for his master;
  • Whippet, which on the one hand has a very sweet and gentle temperament, and from another side easily runs at a speed of about 70 km per hour, is on the fourth in the top 10 of the fastest dogs. Whippet is positioned as an excellent runner, which in this case can be a great guide and companion;
  • Italian Greyhound is on the fifth place of this top. Italian Greyhound can run at speeds of 40 k per hour.
  • Russian hunting greyhound is on the sixth place. Russian greyhound can run at a speed of 55 km per hour. Russian greyhound still enjoys well-deserved respect among hunters and lovers of fast dogs;
  • Afghan hound is on the 7th place. This is magnificent and very elegant animal that differs from its congeners with truly regal and dignity. These beauties are running at a speed of not less than 50 km per hour.
  • The Huskies took the 8th place. It is sled dog, which runs at a speed of 30 km (in the harness).

African Wild Dog also known as hyena like dog is capable of running at speeds up to 55 km per hour (for long distance), and almost 70 kilometers per hour (in sprint races) are also included in the top ten. The red wolf is the relative of hyena like dogs.

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