Methods of dog waste removal

Dog`s wastes – not something that pleases the neighborhood residents. Dog`s feces are playing a significant role in water pollution, especially in urban areas, and the bacteria that fall into rivers, lakes and groundwater, causing various diseases. Moreover one gram of dog feces contains 23 millions of intestinal bacteria that can cause cramps, diarrhea, intestinal disturbances, and kidney problems. For public health every dog owner should proudly participate in the process of cleaning and disposal of dog feces properly. However, to collect dog feces is not the most pleasant occupation. There are several ways to minimize the unattractiveness of dog waste removal.

dog waste removal


Prepare yourself. Whichever method you choose, before the walk you should have everything you need for yourself and dog. You need to have enough cleaning tools for the walk, as well as for other needs of the dog. Protect yourself. If you want to have additional protection, apart from the plastic bag and special blades, grasp also the disposable latex gloves with you. They should be thrown in the trash along with the package and a shovel. For added protection, can take with you wet wipes or hand sanitizer. If you are sick, pregnant or have a weak immune system – such precautions will be very helpful. Such advices can be seen in the show called For the love of Dogs

Method 1

Grab a few packets before a walk with the dog. Old packages for products re perfect for picking up dog excrements. There are also bags, specially made for collecting of faeces – they are tight and strong. They are especially good if you think that the packages for the products in your district have not enough good quality. Some stores selling products for animals have scented bags for dogs. You might want to try them.

for the love of dogs

Hold down the bottom part of the package. Take excrement from the ground and put in a bag.

Carefully lift all from the asphalt.

If excrements are on the lawn, do it with semi-circular movement of the hand; lift them as gently as possible.

Gently pull the arm. With the other hand pull the top part of the bag from a fist, and return it to its original position, leaving feces inside the package.

Method 2

If you cannot bring yourself to touch the feces even through the plastic bag or cannot bend down, for whatever reason – you should buy a special “scoop for excrements.” It usually consists of a long handle on crank with a bilateral shoulder blade at the other end. Clean the yard using a scoop. Larger scoops are convenient for cleaning the yard; You can attach the package to the end of the scapula and to pass through the territory, collecting feces with a rake or other tools, pushing them right on the scoop. At the end just tie the bag and throw it in the trash.

Method 3

Services for collecting of dog`s wastes are increasingly gaining momentum. Although it is not cheap, some people are willing to pay, especially if you are walking a dog in a certain place, for example, in the yard. And if such services does not exceed, why not to become adventurous and do take advantage of this opportunity? This can be very profitable! After all, today there are so many different services for dogs, which, for example, are provided in such institution as The Dog Spot.

the dog spot

Ask familiar to you dog owners whether they do not know good «cleaning wastes” service bureau. Ask locals pet-seater, whether they thought to ask for such services.

Method 4

If you are facing someone who does not clean up after their dog on your eyes, do not pass by. Tell him that it is unhygienic and disrespectful to others. Explain that it brings all the dog owners, as people may think on them and it will end up that he will not be able to go for a walk with his dog. There is no need to raise a stink, but be persistent, and if he has violated the law, inform the local association or other body of the violation.

You could say something like: “Sir / Madam, I understand that this is not very pleasant experience, but as owners of dogs, we must show that we are responsible for our dogs, and for the neighborhood. Dog feces contain bacteria, and in fact we do not want people stepping on them. So, II will be very appreciated if you clean up after your dog as well as I did it. ”

Offer a stranger one of your packages. It will be difficult to refuse after such a courteous gesture, showing that you hope that he will act responsibly.

As an example, tell him that you are proud to remove the excrement of your pet. It is will be a good example for other dog owners and people will realize that what lies on the lawn – is not from your dog.

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