All you need to know about cats

The cat is a mysterious creature. These animals have their own character, moods and habits.

The cat’s habits

People who had no acquaintance with these beautiful creatures, often seeing these animals do not understand them. And those who have a cat at home for a long time, knows they habits. For example, they like to rub against surrounding objects, because they make necessary for them marks in such way. All marked by them helps to feel them in familiar territory. They have special temporal glands for applying marks, which are on both sides of the forehead between the eyes and ears. The same organs can be found near the corners of the lips. These are special glands. Secretions of them are left by animals on the doors, stairs, railings, furniture, when cats rub their head against them.

These glands are also on the tail. Isolating specific secret kitty applies it, raising the tail and pressing it to a particular object. The glands can also be found around the anus and, of course, on the paws. If the cat likes some man, she also leaves a mark on him. Such animal behavior shows that it knows the man and is tied to him, loved him as mother loves her kittens.

why do cats like boxes

Beside of it people often don’t know why do cats like boxes? Well this habit has come from the wild nature. Cats are predators by nature, and therefore like to sit in ambush. But it soon becomes apparent that this, at least not one reason for such behavior. Researchers, veterinarians and behavioral biologists have long been interested in this issue. Veterinarian Claudia Wienke from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, working in the cat shelter, found that if you give a box as a temporary refuge on the period of development of new cats, they better get accustomed in the shelter, and then more willing to communicate with people. It logically corresponds with the cats reactions to stress, they tend to withdraw and hide.

Are the cats evil?

Those who held the cat at home for a long time, he knows her habits. People, who have not had this opportunity, often seeing these animals do not understand their affections, do not understand their desires. For example, if a person does not know the cats want to pet the animal and will try persistently to do it, kitty may even set in motion claws. So the animal applies to a stranger. Before hurt the cat indicate the stranger about this hissing and pressing the ears to the head. A man who knows cats will never come first to the animal; he would wait until bewhiskered creating better recognize him, using all its capabilities.

If she liked the person, she will approach closer and straightened her back. Only now you can reach over and pet the animal. The cat does not forget familiar person. Seeing the familiar person, she will turn her face toward him, say meow, and can run forward holding up the tail. In this case cat will give to pat her. Such a greeting leads to an exchange of smells. When the pet rubs against human legs, she perceives its smell, leaving them her smell. And then, when she licks herself, she feels the smell of familiar person more clearly. Animals remember the smells of her cats- friends when they lick each other.

The entire wool becomes impregnated with the smell. Cats live in a world of smells. We hardly can compare with the cats in this sense. It often happens that a cat responding to caress, bite the hand of a man who did not understand such a behavior of the animal, and becomes offended. But all is clear. Cats, trying to show their affection for the man, mark him again, biting, leaving saliva. She does not want to offend or to hurt, but just to show friendliness. Friendly man for a cat – is the same as a mother for a kitten. For example, a cat, being on someone’s lap, tremble down with paws pressing of one or the other. Such movements resemble the behavior of a kitten, who is feeding by the mother. Ethologists called this action “milky step.”

What does the cat want?

simply nourish cat food

Experts and lovers of these animals will understand it, seeing how she sits, walks and so on. If the cat is angry, it wags its tail in different directions. If she arched her back, fluffed fur and tail, then she dissatisfied with something. And if a cat rubs against your legs, probably, it is necessary to feed her, for example, with simply nourish cat food or other cat food. You also can understand what your cat wants by her voice. It can be gentle and angry and shrill. Cats love to talk. Here they bill and coo and say hello and here longing and sadness or are threatened. In order to learn to understand the meow, you have to be very attentive and responsive to the behavior of cats. Only then over time is possible to understand the character, mood, and desire of animal. For all of us, lovers of cats, purring is familiar the most. We understand that once a cat purrs, she is happy.

cats pajamas

Thus, today, cats have won their place in the lives of great amount of people. People come up with different things for cats; arrange various competitions and festivals for them. And it is not surprising those todays there are cats pajamas or wine for cats.

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