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They are just as famous people were awarded the title of the best and etched in people’s memories. They are not forgotten, and people bow to their courage and devotion, because they are – the world’s most famous dogs. Dogs those deserve talking about them and remembering about them. Also there are a lot of dogs those are in our memory thanks to their acting in different films, shows and series, for example such as dog with the blog.

dog with the blog

Not for nothing it is said that a dog is the man’s best friend. And it is really so. It is for this reason, since ancient times it has become commonplace to construct various monuments to the most famous dogs in the world. Here is clear evidence that there is no more devoted to human animal than a dog. All these monuments express the great love of people to their faithful friends and give the dogs the opportunity to wear the honorary status of worldwide famous dogs. So, in this article we will speak about these brave and courageous creatures. And here we do not talking about some fictional characters on the type of pizza dog or about the dog from Clifford the big red dog TV show, although they are also quite famous and won the love of many people, we are talking about real dogs that existed in reality.

Let’s start with the famous dog on nickname Sotr. People during his life erected a monument with the inscription: “Defender and deliverer of the city of Corinth.” The story happened in the fourth century BC, during the siege of the city of Corinth. After prolonged fighting enemy`s troops retreated from the city walls and Corinthian army together with the inhabitants of this city began to celebrate the victory. Burnt by the war and a great holiday warriors went to bed. But the enemy did not want to give up their positions and waiting for the arrival of the night, then they went to the walls of the city, hoping for a quick victory. Sleeping warriors, nothing at all aware of the evil plans of the enemy, they were quietly resting and only dog Sotr didn’t sleep. He woke up Corinth army by his barking and saved the city from the enemy forces. Warriors instantly repulsed the enemy attack.

clifford the big red dog tv show

Dog Barry

Monument to this famous dog is in Edinburgh. This Parisian monument is one of the most famous in the world. It depicts St. Bernard, which is embraced by a small child. The monument has a pretty philosophical inscription: “Barry, who saved 40 people and was killed by 41”. As the story said, a dog named Barry, who was held in the Alpine monastery, was able to save forty people, but on the forty-first his life was interrupted. According to legend, the dog has found a man who was very cold, and so to warm up him, began to lick his face. When a person woke up, he was very frightened, confusing the dog with a wolf, and killed him.

Monument to dog – rescuer Bolt

Bolt has been the leader among sled dogs in the harness. The merit of this dog is that in 1925, while in the sled harness, she had brought to the city of Normal needed cure for such diseases as diphtheria. Namely this disease was the most dangerous and took a huge number of lives in those years. After receiving this medication, many human lives have been saved, and all thanks to a faithful dog. On the basis of this legend were written well-known stories. In honor of the heroic act of a dog, two monuments were installed; they are located in cities such as New York, and, of course, Norm.

pizza dog

Monument to surviving dogs

Another amazing story that glorified the whole group of dogs was the real story about the research dogs who survived in unsuitable conditions for this. The story suggests that a Japanese research team was forced urgently to leave the place of their dislocation. All would be well, but there was no way to pick up the dogs. Therefore it was necessary leave them to their fate. Being convinced that the dogs did not survive, they have erected a monument for them in the city of Osaka. Only a year later scientists returned to its original location to continue their studies, and were shocked by what they saw, the same dogs ran out to meet them. These dogs have lived for a year in full alienation. Seeing their masters, they immediately recognized them and ran toward them.

The Italian man Carlo Sormani, once picked up a puppy thrown into the gutter. He decided to keep it, giving it the nickname Faithful. Over time, the dog thoroughly and conclusively justified given nickname. Day after day dog faithfully went to meet the owner after work to a bus stop. But one the owner does not come home. Do not knowing about it, Faithful every day, at one and the same time was sitting at the bus stop, hoping to see his master. This continued up until the dog died. After the death of the dog residents of Borgo San Lorenzo at their own money decided to pay the honor of dedicated dog and set monument for him in their city. Here’s a good example of how strong and tied can be friendship between man and dog.

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