How to select pure balance dog food

pure balance dog food

You have purchased the puppy, and at once there appeared the sea of questions: where and how to arrange the place for it, how to feed it, are grapes good for dogs etc. Next we will talk about proper feeding of your dog according to the multitude of nuances. Gastric juice determines the dog’s food. This is mixture of acids. The dog and the wolf have other gastric juice than in humans and other than in a pig … That is why different species eat different food.

The dog is a domesticated wolf. It is believed that the wolf was created by nature about 50 million years ago. Changes in external conditions change only the appearance, the endocrine system and the psyche of the animal. The composition of the gastric and intestinal juice has not changed during this period. From those products those are consumed by the modern man, the scientists have identified those that are easy hard, or not at all absorbed by the organism of the dogs.

are grapes good for dogs

We must give the dog only solid food, because it has a small stomach having the form of pouch, it is not adapted for the liquid food. Dog food should be concentrated, the main food – is raw meat with bone – lamb, beef, poultry. Always give your puppy (and dog) legs, neck and wings from the raw chicken and ducks. (Opinions of the possibility of the inclusion of bones in the animal diet are different. Many veterinarians recommend not giving dogs bones at all or give such bones that cannot be chewed by the dog). Crude bone melts in the gastric juice of the dog; boiled ones – are dangerous and they split in the gastric juice, or gives a very hard stools. If the dog is walking a lot it has very good appetite. Minimum – 2 hours per day, of which at least one hour without a leash, to give the dog run over. One hour of walking should be in daylight – the body’s metabolism cannot occur without ultraviolet rays.

So now it is worth to jump directly to feeding. There are 2 variants of dogs feeding – a natural food or specially prepared foods such as Pure Balance dog food. As practice shows, feeding with natural foods is much more difficult, because you need to keep an eye for ensuring a balance of all the necessary components for your dog.

pure balance dog food review

The dog is a carnivorous creature, so such protein foods like meat or dairy products should serve as a basis for feeding. However, fiber and carbohydrates are also necessary components for the dog, because without them it can lose weight and suffer various diseases.

Meat (protein source). It is recommended to give the beef, lean mutton, chicken. Meat can be given in a slightly scalded with boiling water form (except for chicken – it should be well prepared). The liver, kidneys, heart, udder contain a lot of nutrients, but they must be well cooked.

Cereals (carbohydrate source). It is permissible to cook porridge of rice and buckwheat. When cooking porridge with milk it is good to add carrots and pumpkin. Porridge should be at least half of the dog’s diet.

Vegetables (source of fiber and minerals). It is useful to give a carrot, pumpkin, turnips, squash, beets and other vegetables crashed in small pieces. Raw chopped fresh herbs – parsley, lettuce, garlic (in small amounts, if the puppy does not reject their smell), dill – a great vitamin supplement to the main food. You can do vegetable mix for puppies. It is useful to give dog raw berries, fruits, dried fruits in small amounts.

pure balance dog food

Dairy products. Of course, cheese is in the first place as it is the main source of highly digestible calcium. Kefir and yogurt are on the second place. They are good for digestion. Grated cheese can sometimes be added to cereals and vegetable mixes. It is also convenient to use it as treats when training.

Organizing feeding of a puppy remember that you should accustom a puppy for dairy products, especially cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit from an early age.

Eggs. This product is very nutritious. It is better to give a raw yolk mixed with porridge or milk products. Crude protein is undesirable; moreover, it just does not digest. Eggs can be fed cooked boiled or as an omelette.

Salt. Dogs require much less salt than a man. Therefore it is not necessarily to salt food.

Now about the dry feeding

Immediately it should be noted that all the dry food is of varying quality. Cheap food, in contrast to the expensive one (premium and super-premium) may not provide adequate nutrition of dogs. Dry pet foods of good quality, for example pure balance dog food review of which you can see on the internet, as a rule, are balanced in all components. It can recommend yogurt, cottage cheese as a supplement to the dry feeding.

If you retrain your dog from natural feeding on dry one (or vice versa), it should be done gradually so that the dog’s digestive system configures for a new type of feeding. Puppy very quickly gets used to the dry food and will eat it with pleasure. Remember the main thing – if you feed your dog with dry food, a dog should have permanent access to clean water.

It is necessary to feed the dog when the hosts had eaten. Do not give the dog food from the table. The feed should not (opposed to water) be constantly in the bowl. If the dog has not eaten for half an hour – the food is removed.

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