How to choose the right vet clinic for the cat

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It is necessary to choose a vet clinic for cat as soon as possible – at the moment when the kitten appeared in your house.
Firstly, more often than ambulance service for the animals is not provided – if suddenly something happens, you yourself need to take the cat urgently where it can receive the help. And every minute that you spend looking for addresses and phone numbers of cat clinic in your city and phoning them, can be decisive for your cat!

Secondly, veterinary medicine – is not only emergency assistance for animals in the event of an disease, but also the planned monitoring and preventive procedures (e.g., vaccination), contributing to the preservation of the kitten’s health until old age.

the cat doctor
Checking up a cat

It is right to do so – to write down addresses and phone numbers of all vet clinics to the phone book. This list should include “elite” and “economy class” hospitals for cats – because sometimes some details can be a decisive argument for choosing a clinic in the case of specific need. But you need to choose one cat hospital, which will be for you and your pet the basic one, where you will go in all situations related to your cat!

What you need to know for making a reasonable choice?

Does the clinic are engaged in treatment of your cat breed? Sometimes it happens that the doctors do not have enough experience in the treatment of a particular breed. What equipment is available in the clinic (ultrasonography, x-rays, etc.). Maybe your pet will not need any devices, but if, for example, a cat was injured – so it is necessary urgently to go to the clinic, where he will underwent X-rays!

What surgical interventions can be done there? Simple, standard surgical procedures are done everywhere – it is castration and sterilization, tooth extraction, suturing wounds and bites, etc. But it is desirable to know in advance whether the cat doctor will be able, if necessary, to make some more complicated operation professionally.
Is it possible to call a veterinarian at the house in an emergency or for any procedures that the owner will not be able to do yourself?

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What is the general atmosphere? How the staff deals with animals (and hosts!)? How clean is there? Are there some unpleasant odors? Are there lines – is it possible not to sit with a sick animal among congestion of other animals and humans (and vice versa – is it possible to avoid contact with sick shaggy patients, bringing your healthy cat on prophylactic administration)?

When dealing with a particular problem – how persistent you are offered with expensive medications and methods of treatment, examinations or tests (which, of course, are made only in the hospital)? Such moments should be very alarming, because “pumping money” – not a rarity, and sometimes unnecessary examinations and “treatment” can harm the animal!

How to gather all this information?

– By phone or on the website of clinic (usually it is the primary source of information).
– After reading reviews on the Internet, in social networks and forums of cat owners in your town. Note that some reviews may be a trick – i.e. placed with the purpose of advertising, supposedly on behalf of the owners of pets. Although, if there are a lot of reviews, the overall picture can be trusted.
– During personal visit. You can go there without your cat and ask questions about clinic to choose a cat doctor, whom you will be able handle all the time to.

Expensive or cheap a vet clinic?

Not always the most expensive veterinary hospital is the best. However, always save on animal health – is also unreasonable. But if you only need the advice and / or inspection of the animal you can go to any clinic. A competent advice should be given in any hospital for cats, and honesty and professionalism often don’t depend on the clinic prices…

But you should not save, if:

– You need any examination or procedure for which the cheap clinic doesn’t have the equipment, and diagnostic`s accuracy in such cases depends on the development of medical intuition of veterinarian.
– Surgery or a complicated procedure is required.
– There is a veterinary clinic, which specializes in a particular animal species.

How to choose a vet?

It is good when one person is watching a cat throughout life. You do not need to explain all the previous problems, he “leads” pet and can more accurately diagnose and make appointments.

The following requirements should be submitted to a veterinarian:

– The ability of hose call (including after hours). Of course, not free;
– Ability to consult on a mobile phone;
– A cat doctor should objectively assess his or her capabilities of treatment and diagnosis. If he sends you to another “foreign” clinic for additional examinations, or honestly admit that this or that cannot be treated at home – a big plus to him as to a specialist;
– And when choosing a veterinarian it is necessary to be guided by your own feelings – how this person “sincerely” refers to his work how get along with cats (and how they react to him!) In what tone he communicates with people? Good vets usually really love animals and treat them with kindness!

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