Dog spa or what is grooming?

dog spa
According to one version, the word “groomer” came from England, a country where groomer profession first appeared. Then this word was used for the man who took care of the horses. The term “grooming” started to refer to comprehensive care of pets, which includes care of the hair, treatment of teeth, claws, ears, eyes, anal glands, haircut of dogs and cats. Accordingly, the specialist who performs such services is called “groomer”.

On the other hand, scientific version of the word “grooming” refers to the behavior of animals in natural conditions, aimed at maintaining the purity of their bodies and wool: licking, bathing, shuffling of wool in primates.

Dog Grooming: the basics

Clean and well-groomed dog – is a happy dog. Do not believe – ask your pet! And though it does not have speech to respond to you, his whole appearance would say exactly that. Grooming can be called a kind of dog spa. Regular grooming has many advantages – both for your and for your dog. It allows you to look at it more closely – and possibly observe some small signs of problems with the appearance or health, which you would have otherwise missed out.
dog grooming school
It is also psychologically brings together you and your pet. And we are not talking about saving money – just think how much money you would have spent on professional services, if not decided to take care of your dog’s appearance by yourself. Still, sometimes it’s better to look for top dog grooming and to see a specialist, which although would show you how to do everything correctly.

Dental Care

Plaque and tartar can form on the teeth of the dog, just as on the human ones. The tooth may fall out or a piece can break away from it; gums can become inflamed. What to do with this? If you do not want to splurge on veterinary services and rid your pet of all the sufferings associated with treatment – clean his teeth regularly! It is best to start from the beginning – from the moment when a dog appeared in your house; grown up, it will perceive this procedure as the usual one. The first few days it is best to use a soft cotton cloth, you can then move to a dog`s toothbrush. In the same way as you watch the state of your toothbrush, watch dog`s one – and regularly replace it with new one. Do not forget about the toothpaste! Brush and paste can be purchased at veterinary pharmacy.
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Caring for wool

And in this case it is best to start from the beginning – until your dog is at a tender age; in this case combing and other treatments for wool does not become a big problem for him. The regularity of brushing depends on the length of your pet’s coat. Short-haired dogs should be brushed two to three times a week, the long-haired – every day. There are different brushes for different types of wool. Select the appropriate comb in the veterinary shop – on the length and type of wool to your pet. And best of all pre-consult with your veterinarian, as a matter of choice of suitable brush for the dog – is very responsible and not as simple as it may seem.


Bathe the dog when it is absolutely necessary – it is very easy to dry up the dog’s skin. And, of course, keep in mind that you need to use a special dog shampoo, tucked under a certain age and for a particular wool type. There are shampoos for hard and soft wool; for short and long wool for easy combing, etc. Choose a shampoo carefully – and your dog’s coat will be shiny and silky!

Do not neglect the balm-conditioner (to keep the hair soft and silky) and masks, restores damaged hair.

While bathing, avoid areas of the ears and eyes – just as when bathing the baby. Make sure that the bottom of your bath or shower stall is not slippery (if necessary – put a rubber mat). And rinse the dog very carefully, because the remaining foam can cause skin irritation.

Ears and eyes

If your dog’s eyes are buried in the folds of skin, do not forget to wipe them regularly with warm, damp cloth. Some dogs, like people, suffer from allergies – and they need eye drops, but not engaged in self-treatment of your pet.

Check your dog’s ears on a regular basis, if you find redness or foul smell in them (or if the dog starts to react badly to your touch to the ears), immediately contact your veterinarian. It is necessary regularly to clean the ears at the fold and long-haired dogs – or wool will be soaked with earwax, causing unpleasant tangles.

Trimming of claws

Particular attention should be paid to the claws of dogs of decorative breeds – large and very active dogs often grind them themselves. To handle the clutches sure to get in the veterinary store special scissors! Do not cut the dog’s claws deeply. Trimming dog nails too deep, you risk injuring claws, and they can bleed.

But if you want to carry out various model hairstyles for your pet, then it is best to enroll dog grooming school, as this task is not simple and it needs a lot of skills. The main thing is to remember that any time that you devote to the care of your dog’s appearance will not be wasted! After all, in the result you will have healthy, happy and good looking pet!

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