Golden retriever weiner dog or completely outbred dogs: how to choose a dog? Dog simulator.

Before you get a dog you should before wonder how to choose the breed of dog. For that consider first your schedule and answer a series of questions that will allow you somewhat simpler to make the choice. Additionally, you can play dog simulator, which will help to make the right choice.


Thus, the presence of the animal in the house involves:

  • additional funds and time to be given to a dog of any breed;
  • each puppy is sure to deliver to their owners certain “joy” in the form eared shoes, piles on the carpet, ripped off wallpaper and “updated” furniture;
  • sometimes the appearance of four-footed friend requires from its owner completely to change their daily routine.
  • before you choose a dog for the soul, consider the composition of your family, please note if there are allergy sufferers among family members;
  • conditions of your accommodation (apartment or a country house with land).

What breed of dog to choose

Before you engage in the selection of dog for your family respond to the questions above, and note that the owner of the dog should be only one. Otherwise, the animal will not be able to get a proper education because it does not understand whom she ought to obey. So if you do decide to have four-footed friend in your house, keep in mind that you will have to be involved in his upbringing. And if you want to present puppy, then ask the person if he is willing to give half of his time to a little disobedient lump of happiness.

dog simulator

What gender of dog to choose

In fact, this is a very important thing, because males and females require different care. As dog breeders say females are more emotionally unprotected, and therefore they are much closer to a person than to the animal of the opposite sex. It is believed that they are easier to perceive the educational procedures, more flexible, and can be used for breeding of puppies.
The following factors can be attributed to the shortcomings of the having of the female dogs: the risk of an unplanned pregnancy, estrus. Difficulties with the false pregnancy and complications in this background may arise in them.
As for males, they are more emotionally assertive, active, have a desire to dominate and occupy the leading position therefore a special attention should be given to raising a male dog. The disadvantage: increased interest to the opposite sex.

Determine the goals

In order to know how to choose the right breed of dog, you should decide for what purpose you want to have a pet. Would you like to see a great guard or the magnificent and faithful companion, or just want to have a little affectionate four-footed friend. Today, there are a variety of breeds of dogs, and even there are mixtures of these species, such as golden retriever weiner dog, so it will be very difficult to choose one of them. Nevertheless, if you want to see in his house representative, who must first be an ideal guard, think about whether you have the time to train your pet. Will you be able to raise him properly?

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When choosing a small dog just for the soul, keep in mind that some decorative breeds physically cannot stand loneliness. Nothing is worse for them than to stay at home all day alone. If you’ve never held a dog, do not start with the representatives of the aggressive breeds that require constant rigor and that can often challenge your right to leadership in your own family.

Dog for hunting

Choosing a dog for hunting, it means to choose a great companion. Such animals are perfect for keeping in large families with small children. They do not seek to dominate; it is more common for them to please their owners. Representatives of such breeds require constant motion. Therefore, active games with family members in the open air – is the perfect option for them. Today you can find bird dogs for sale or other representatives of such kind of dogs.
They can live both in the house and in the apartment. But life in the apartment requires daily long walks. Hunting taught representatives of hunting species to the constant movement. Often these animals have hyperactivity. Therefore, they need daily jogging and outdoor games.

Decorative dogs

Decorative breeds are ideal for the maintenance in the apartments. Almost all members of the indoor dogs have a small size. They are affectionate; get along well with their owners. Like all dogs, even decorative breeds need education. They should have the most basic skills of behavior. There is one disadvantage of small dogs of decorative breeds. Some animals simply cannot physically endure long loneliness. They need constantly to be with someone.

Summing up

I would like to add that when deciding what breed of dog is best to choose, first of all evaluate themselves as honestly as possible. Ask yourself a few questions, and then it will be much easier to choose. A dog is the man’s best friend; it often reflects the nature of its owner. Therefore, try to choose a pet that will match for our character. Then it will be much easier to find a common language with animal.

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