How often do dogs go in heat and you should know about it?

It’s quite a sensitive issue for dog owners, in particular female individuals. Many people do not want to take dog girls because of it. But the boy will also bring a lot of surprises. Estrus in females is a natural physiological process, which you cannot escape. Naturally, sterilization is the only exception. But this is a topic for another article.

how often do dogs go in heat

Those people who buy dogs, once faced with a bunch of questions like: are peanuts good for dogs, how often you need to walk with the dog, etc. The theme of estrus in dogs is also one of such issues. The answers to which will be given below.

The first estrus in females

It occurs in females during the period from 8 to 12-months. There are early girls and estrus occurs from 6 to 6.5 months in them, and usually they can be in heat 2 times a year. The answer on the question about how often do dogs go in heat it can be said that when estrus occurs after 8-months, then it is usually then continues in girls at intervals of not less than eight months. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the first estrus in females is unpredictable phenomenon.

On average, estrus lasts 18-21 days, but the first estrus can go up to 28 days, and that’s fine. Sometimes a dog in the first heat is changed completely, it ceases to be heard, hiding, refuses to eat, whines. You must be ready for this. Just endure it, if the dog is too hectic, you can purchase anti-anxiety drugs, they are designed on herbs. Be sure to note the date of the beginning of the heat, to check its periodicity. The first day of estrus is not that day when you saw the first blood of the loop in the dog; it is usually a day or two before it. That is, subtract 1-2 days from the appearance of the first blood; it will be the first day of estrus.

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Complications of estrus

If you have a breeding dog, take care of your girl, do not let it become too cold and lay on the cold concrete. Don’t let stray dogs to her at the time of estrus, they can carry infection. In every possible way, expose her from unwanted contact with unvaccinated animals. Normally, red, maroon blood must go out of the loop, in perilous times pale pink blood should be, and brownish, brown blood should be in recent days. If you notice any deviation, do not hesitate to go to a veterinary clinic. For example, greenish, purulent discharge from the loop, odor, suggest that the inflammatory process has begun in the womb. Do not hesitate and contact your doctor, there are many cases when females die from a pyometra.

How to protect your dog from unwanted matings?

You can live peacefully during the first days of estrus in females, but starting from 11-15 days of estrus in females the hunt begins. This is the time when the dig is ready for mating. How is it determined visually? Loop swells and as it is disclosed and if to push on the rump of the dog, she removes the tail up and to the side and stands in a characteristic pose. Discharge from the loops become pale pink and fragrant, especially for males. Such information you can also find on I Heart Dogs. If you want to avoid an unwanted mating of your dog, then during these days you need to be vigilant as never before! Some dogs, because of their temperament can even run from the hosts in order to mate with a male dog. In these dangerous days, it is desirable not do the long walks with the dog and to walk on a leash and not far from the house, the dog also must be supervised inside, if you live in an apartment, it will be easier to discern her!

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What means are used to fight off the scent?

You can buy special products in pet stores or make remedy at home. You can prepare a decoction of bay leaf. Brew 2-3 leafs per cup of boiling water, cool it, and spray it from a spray under the dog’s tail on the hind legs. It will block the smell of heat, and you do not gather a crowd of dogs during the walk. Of course, these tools are useless if the male dog lives in your home. In this case, you need to keep the dogs apart.

Clothes for dogs in heat

Of course, when a dog is a miniature, you will not see a lot of blood, and do not necessarily do something. Large dogs give more blood. In this case, special panties for dogs in heat are sold at pet stores. Teach the pet to the underpants from the first heat, and then she will apply to these clothes easily. The usual daily strip (the most common without fragrances and flavors) is glued in the pants; replace it with a new one as required. The most important thing is to choose the right size, because the pants do not have to put pressure on the dog’s stomach. Some people dress the in ordinary woman pants with a tight rubber. At the same time you need to cut a hole for the tail. Some use diapers for children. But they are not very comfortable and the dog relieves them easily.

Cleaning of housing

If you do not fall into a swoon at the sight of blood droplets, and all of the above described manipulations are a burden for you, then simply wash the floors more frequently with disinfectants or agents for floors. Also in pet stores, you can purchase a disinfectant, which is also suitable for cleaning floors and disinfect of the place of the animal. There are also special sprays against stain and odor.

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