The main principles of dog training Houston or in other city. Service dogs for veterans for sale.

Training – is the development of a dog’s skills required for human and pet`s adaptation in the society of humans. Training is needed for any dog, regardless of its size, pedigree accessory and even habitat. So the dog training Houston is important as well as in any other location.

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Even those dogs which are obedient and perform basic owner`s commands “Come!” and “Ugh!”, need to reinforce their skills on the court, in a plurality of distractions. Dogs those have been brought up not properly behave unpredictably. If the owner is not able to influence the behavior of the dog, even the smallest dog can cause a conflict, the responsibility for which falls squarely on the owner.

The dogs of service breed, for example, service dogs for veterans must pass one or more courses of special training. In addition, dogs are trained for the investigation, guard, search and rescue and other services. Recently, the skills of obedience training and protection have gained popularity. These are such courses as IPO, Obedience and others.

When choosing a course of training you should take into account the peculiarities of the breed and the individual dog’s disposition. Not only can the owners of service dogs be engaged in the special trainings. Only after mastering the general course it is possible to begin classes of special training.

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It is important not to miss the moment when the dog got stronger physically and mentally, but has not yet matured. Do not expose the great physical and nervous tension a little puppy. But please note that matured dog brings also many problems in the process of training, if the time of formation of habits and relationships with the host is lost. It is best to start training a dog at the age around six months. However, only an experienced instructor will help you to determine which load can be given to your pet, as well as prompt how to make dog obedient, not “broken” its psyche.

Contact of owner with his pet is the cornerstone of education and training of a dog. Developing all the desired skills in the dog will be built on this basis. And the main thing is to master the ability to awaken the dog`s interest to yourself, with the help of your actions, commands, and so on. The owner has to play a major role, i.e. always to be the “master” for his dog, and the dog must take any action of the owner for granted. Also, the owner has to learn to count any dog behavior and be prepared to respond to them adequately.

The basic principle of training – is the dog’s interest in performing the skill. Another equally important principle – is from simple to complex. And yet – the team command is the law for a dog. It should not shy away from the command. If the dog does not perform a particular action, the owner must take care of the least impact. It is not only “mechanical” effect (leash of the jerk, pressure on the withers, and others), but also the use of promotional techniques. In short, the training must be done according to the formula: the command – energizing effect – encouraging (the dog at the same time should not be too fed up).

Pay attention to intonation.

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All right dog actions encouraged and unwanted ones are stopped or switching dogs attention to another object or punishment. In addition, it needs to understand that the owner is sincerely pleased to its successes. Encouraging usually follows immediately after the dog’s actions or during the action. The penalty should also be short and in the moment of unwanted actions, as well as proportionate to dogs misdemeanor. The penalty is possible in the form of reprimand or physical effects (spurt). During the punishment the individual characteristics of the psyche and the age of the dog should be taken into account. Also it is worth to say that today there are service dogs for sale but it is best to take the dog from a shelter.
Do not use the command “Do not do that!” often – it is used, if I is necessary to affect the dog strongly (for example, in the case of aggression against a stranger). In other cases, use commands “Walk!”, “Come!” etc.

Do not allow the dog to pick up the food scattered on the ground. This skill is worked out, holding a dog on a long leash on the site, were goodies are scattered. Command “Do not do that!” must accompany each dog’s attempt to raise the food from the land; you need to consolidate the command with a jerked leash.

The general course of training also includes training a dog to overcome obstacles. To avoid injury during training it is not recommended to use a pinch collar. The dog is taught to jump over the obstacle starting from a small height, gradually increasing it to 180-200 cm. Here, use the command “barrier”. When training a dog to overcome obstacles it is very important to use the dog’s interest.

So, no matter what service or type of training you choose, the main aspect – is a full understanding with the dog and its willingness to obey you.

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