Peculiarities of cat`s world, habits, attitudes toward cats and their unusual behavior

Cats have unique ability to survive. Adapting to the world can endlessly surprise, amaze our imagination. Although not everyone notice this. Hunting and the destruction of pests (rodents) is their main purpose. They have genes of the hunter accustomed to survive in the modern world … Our sophisticated imagination is amazed by the infinite variety of color of these animals from black to bright red, mottled and striped, the whole palette of colors. And now the cats have penetrated into all spheres of our life. They can be seen on the internet in various funny cat vines.

funny cat vines

Each adult cat has its own territory, it does not matter it is yard or flat. Hunting is a large part of life of any cat, starting from a small kitten, hunting occurs in the form of games. Then the living conditions play a role. The hunt is hard work, even for an experienced hunter. Cats are well armed and sharp teeth and claws are their weapons. Probably, cats are the most mysterious creatures in the world. Even in the tenderest kitten lies ferocious and wild creature. After thousands of years, we all also know little about the behavior of our domestic cats.

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Living next to a cat means to let a particle of wildlife in the house. Cats are domestic tender Tigers. Flexible and elegant, they are a wonderful example of calmness and confidence. These hunters very sensitively detect sounds and movements, a great charm embedded in them with the nature. You can verify this on the cat tumblr. The perfect sense of balance, grace, is possible to watch for hours on their movements. Let us recall the fastidiousness to cleanliness, frequent washing and infinite licking. Also they have the unique ability to see at night in six times better than humans.

They provide a hypnotic effect, it can be said the therapeutic one, it is enough to hold the cat in the hand and you become calmer and more balanced. Researchers found that by simply stroking a cat it is possible to lower blood pressure.
Life with people changes the behavior of cats, but not enough to eradicate the predator instinct completely. They evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, desire to hugged warm and tender lump of irrepressible energy. They mean a lot to us, despite their independent nature, bringing positive emotions in our lives, they change us for the better. Could there be something better, then cozy and monotonous rumbling in your lap?

It is difficult to argue that cats are smarter than we are, but they are closer and insight to the laws of the universe. For example, cats are anticipating in advance the approximation of any natural disasters, the same earthquake. So if the cat began to worry and wants to leave the room, it is the more prudent just to follow his example. And also cats are great sleepyheads. They sleep 18 hours a day. Man tamed cat in ancient times, but it is quite possible that this is cat tamed a man…


These days, people are obsessed with cats, and they come up with various strange things for them. For example, today there is a wine for cats. It was conceived with the intention that the person did not drink alone, and the cat can keep company for him or her. Nowadays, urban cats in the vast majority do not catch mice. So what benefit they bring to people? Huge! They guard our house from the aggressiveness of the outside world; keep the love, peace and harmony in the family. Unless, of course, the cats are loved of this family and are not toy for it.

Cat is friends with brownie. And if you have a good relationship with the cat, so the brownie protects your home from intruders and troubles. Even if you do not believe in brownies, watch your cat, and you will notice that from time to time it, without blinking, looks at some place in the apartment where you cannot see anything. Namely brownie is there at the moment. Moreover, not so long ago, scientists discovered that cats, only from animals, saturate the air with ions that are beneficial to human health.

Parapsychologists argue that cats see the power of objects that surround us. They are considered to be excellent healers for their owners, so they know how to clean up the effects of negative impacts to biological fields. Cats well distinguish smells, and if your cat is anxious, wants to get out of the room, it is quite possible that this is not the approaching natural disaster, but no less dangerous for the life gas leak. It is best to check everything once again. Scientists have noticed that people who communicate with the cat recover quickly and without consequences for the nervous system cope with crisis situations. If a small child was growing up in the company of a cat, so you can be sure on 99.9% that he or she will not suffer from allergies in the future.

Cats are very clean animals. If they are accustomed to the tray or the toilet from infancy, there will be no problems with unpleasant odors. As you can see, the cat is always something good and useful for human life. So love cats and cats will love you.

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